Community Outreach

Ipas facilitator, Loini Eliasar, and youth participating in the ICW-Ipas program have been recently involved in community outreach education through radio. KCR 106.2 Base FM, a local radio station in Katutura, Windhoek, has allotted a one-hour time slot to NWHN. In this time, an Ipas facilitator and two youth address a specific topic each Monday.

The purpose of these shows is to educate, advocate, and inform the audience about the reproductive health rights and any other issues affecting the nation. The talk shows are targeted primarily to teenagers and adults, but it is also emphasized that parents can (and should) partake in order to give participants advice and corrections where the group may go wrong.

Topics discussed thus far include “teenage pregnancy,” “overcoming alcohol,” and “trust and confidentiality.” There has been tremendous feedback regarding the show. According to Ms. Elisar,

“It was amazing that about five parents called in to motivate the show and expressed that it has always been difficult to talk to their teens about sensitive issues. On the other hand, teenagers also called in to say they are happy with the show and look forward to listening. As for me, it is so encouraging knowing that people are so keen to learn from my show.”

Through this show, radio has proven to be an effective tool to reach out to communities, young and old, and educate and advocate sexual and reproductive health and rights in Namibia. There are plans to extend this pilot community outreach project to other radio stations in the near future.

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One Response to Community Outreach

  1. veronica kalambi says:

    i would love to congratulate nwhn the stuff and volunteer for working very hard in order to uplift the wellbeing of the namibian women.
    i am talking about the out reach activities in katutura and it is very important to see young and old participating in community discussion,and it is very incouraging to see community taking ownership of the whole project and they are free to share and discuss issues affecting their dairy lives and it all attributed to the hard work of Nwhn stuff and volunteers as well as partners.congratulation guys for your hard work and keep up your good work.

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