Youth Empowerment. NWHN has four youth programs that work with young people in each of the 13 districts in  Namibia.

  • Young Women’s Dialogue (YWD): The YWD provides an opportunity for 30 young women to come together, share experiences and issues and start building a cadre of activists prepared to act to improve the lives of young women living with HIV. To date, over 50% of the participants have been under the age of 24. Very few of the women have had formal employment and for a number of them it was the first time they had ever attended a workshop.
  • Youth Economic Empowerment Program (YEEP): Awards grants to unemployed young men and women (many of whom are school drop-outs, young sex workers living with HIV) which support their participation in vocational programs, enabling them to secure the skills needed to start small enterprises.
  • Youth Empowerment Program (YEP): Mobilizes young people, including adolescence born with / living with HIV to teach them about their rights. NWHN provides advocacy training and information on HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Gender Based Violence and teaches participants how to share this information with their peers.
  • Youth Against Crime (YAC): Founded in 2008 to address the challenges of the young people of Dordabis (a rural community in central Namibia) who are impacted by poverty, unemployment (currently 51% in Namibia), and illiteracy. These conditions have lead to increased rape and sexual violence, resulting in more young women turning to sex work and an increasing HIV prevalence. YAC provides courses in English, computer skills, drama, and training in income generating activities.

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